Breyer 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Rare Gruella Quarter Horse


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The American Quarter Horse Association celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2015!  The AQHA is the world’s largest breed registry.  American Quarter Horses are known for their quarter-mile sprinting speed, versatility and uncanny “cow sense” for working cattle.  They are great all-around horses and popular with families!  Breyer’s American Quarter Horse comes in an assortment of beautiful colors:  sorrel, bay, palomino, blue roan and dun.  The last three were only 1 in 9 produced, and are quite rare.

Breyer models often have flaws especially on the box side of the model.  If you plan to show your model please let us know and we will see if what we have is LSQ.  Although models are New In Their Box, the boxes often get damaged in shipping to us so also let us know if you need a pristine box.  Thank you!

Age: 8+



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