Breyer 2018 Halloween Horse “Nevermore” NIB 1800 LE 3000


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Edgar Allen Poe’s spooky and classic poem “The Raven” is a poetic tale of lament over the loss of a love. The narrator, who is in the throes of sorrow, encounters a raven who only speaks one word: “nevermore.” The raven’s repetition of this marks the descent of the narrator into torment and madness. The reader is left to assume that the raven stays with the narrator, forever reminding him of his loss. Poe’s poem was published in 1845, and quickly became his most famous piece of work.

In an ode to Poe’s poem, artist Lauren Hoeffer created Nevermore’s eerily beautiful mauve coat. Images of ravens, gothic filigree, spider webs, and a skull cover her sides. A pearly finish and a delicate lacy pattern underneath underscore this model’s haunting feel. Nevermore has an alert expression, almost as if she’s checking behind her to see if she too is being watched by the raven!

A limited edition of 3000 pieces, she has “Nevermore 2018” written on her belly.  Box is beat up and has a tear on one flap.

Age: 8+

Breyer models often have flaws especially on the box side of the model.  If you plan to show your model we will do our best to find a LSQ model for you if we have additional models available.  Although models are new In their box, the boxes often get damaged in shipping to us.  When multiples are available we can try to find the box in the best condition for you.  

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in


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