BF 2021 Special Run “Pech Merle” Bay Appaloosa


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LE of 1900

Here’s what Breyer has to say about this beautiful model;

This horse of a different color, Pech Merle, has been done on the John Henry mold (mold #445), sculpted by Jeanne Mellin Herrick, in a bloody bay semi-leopard appaloosa and looks strikingly like the horses depicted by those ancient artists. We are thrilled for this model to find a home in your herd.

Dating to more than 29,000 years ago, the cave paintings of Pech Merle in France are one of the oldest representations of horses in art (only slightly younger than the Vogelherd Figurines unearthed in Germany) and were discovered by a group of teenagers exploring the cave system in 1922.  Among the various representations of animals and humans depicted on the massive cave walls are a series of “dappled horses” that bear a striking resemblance to appaloosas.

Age: 8+

This is a pre-sale.  BreyerFest will be held July 16-18, 2021.  Models will be shipped the end of July or first part of August, or as soon as we receive them from Breyer.  


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