BF 2021 Special Run Cremello “Uffington”


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LE of 1800

Here’s what Breyer has to say about this beautiful model;

Our Uffington is in a similar pose to the original hillside art piece and has been done on the Akhal Teke (mold #805) sculpted by Breyer’s own Heather Puleo.  Originally released in 2020 for the Premier Club, and most recently seen as a Celtic Fling raffle model, he has been done for our 2021 BreyerFest celebration of “Horse of a Different Color” in an eye-catching, pearly cremello.  We think he’s an absolute stunner and we can’t wait for him to find a home in your herd!

Probably the most famous horse in England, the Uffington White Horse is more than 350 feet long and is approximately 3,000 years old.  Located in Oxfordshire, England, it was created by digging massive trenches (some as deep as 3 and a half feet) that were then filled with crushed white limestone chalk – a massive undertaking!  The rationale for why it was created remains unknown, but it is truly a sight to behold!

Age: 8+

This is a pre-sale.  BreyerFest will be held July 16-18, 2021.  Models will be shipped the end of July or first part of August, or as soon as we receive them from Breyer.  


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