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$20.00 minimum on-line order. Thank you.

We reproduce original collectible resins of the highest quality in a variety of sizes. Most will be sculpted by KAT (Kathy A. Thompson), but some may be done by other talented artists. We try our best to keep our prices affordable.

Payment terms are always welcome and you can reserve one with a small deposit.

We offer both raw (unpainted) resins as well as painted ones. All releases are limited editions of from 40 to 100 pieces and come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

All our finished resins are inspected and free of flaws and/or damage. Flaws include but are not limited to; holes, gouges, fingerprints, smeared paint and excessive over-spray. We bring you the finest, highest quality resin models possible.

We also offer a professional Prep & Prime service, price dependant on size, ranging from $50 to $150.

Who We Are

We are a small US based business in Lewiston, ID. We reproduce exclusive model horse resins in a variety of sizes; 1:20 scale (5″H x 6″L), 1:9 scale (8″H x 10″L) and 1:6 scale (12″H x 14″L).

Sizes are approximate, actual piece size depends on pose and breed.

Our items are normally exclusive to Perfect Pony’s (PPC), but occasionally with International artists we sell exclusively in the US while they sell their own pieces abroad.

Each piece is inspected after casting and again after painting. You are guaranteed to get a model free of flaws or damage, with the exception of raw pieces. Our raw pieces are very clean and most imperfections have been addressed. All pieces come with a COA and are numbered and have the PPC logo. We take great pride in our resins and it shows!


We accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience.

Bank Payments

PayPal Payments

  • Payment in Full
  • 90-Day Payment Plan – 3 equal monthly payments
  • 120-Day Payment Plan – 4 equal monthly payments
  • Deposit – For Pre-Orders Only, Place a 25% deposit with the balance due at shipping.

Products and Services

  • Unpainted Resins
  • Painted Resins
  • Prepping Service
  • Painting Service
  • Breyer Models NIB
  • Breyer Models Used

The Perfect Pony Clubs

Our clubs are a great way to save money. Not only do you get a special discount, but as a club member you also get to vote on colors, breeds, names, and poses of the models we create.

You can choose either an unpainted piece or a painted one. You get your choice of glossy, matte or satin finishs.

Shipping Policies

We generally ship USPS’ most economical service, but for oversized boxes we may use UPS or FedEx. A minimum $20 order is required. All shipments are FREE!

We ship within 4 business days with the exceptions of pre-orders and holidays.

Our Promise

That every piece produced by us will be a genuine, quality work of art at an affordable price, securely packaged for safe delivery and exclusive to the Perfect Pony Collection in the US.

Our Current Projects (WIP)


Named by the PPC groups; she is our first release in the 1:6 scale. She is a Stock Horse mare designed for the Breyer Springtime Foal. They make a great pair! She is very close to casting. We hope to be able to ship in time for Christmas 2019, but it may be January. Pre-orders available.


$249.99 Unpainted

$349.99 Painted to a Red Dun

Arabian Mare

Small 1:9 Scale Arabian mare in an extended trott. When she is close to casting, PPC club members will vote on her name and color. She stands very solid without a base. There is still work to do on her mane and tail, and she recently took a tumble from a high shelf and is in several pieces and will need to be repaired. We had hoped she would available in early 2020, but with her setback it will be around March. Pre-orders available.

Price: $175 Unfinished

Rearing Mustang

1:20 Scale Mustang Stallion. Also stands solidly without a base. Poor guy needs some ears! As you can see he need lots more work. We hope to have him ready to ship in Spring of 2020. Pre-Orders available.

Price: $49.99 Unfinished

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of these great new models. These are all limited runs and already have reservations. As little as $20 can hold your model with the balance due at shipping. Keep watching for more new projects!

The Perfect Pony Collection
Lewiston, ID 83501
eMail: sales@perfectponyz.com

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